The Most Popular Places for Quarter Horses

Known for their versatility, Quarter horses have become immensely popular in the US and other regions across the globe. So popular is this breed in the US that the American Quarter Horse Association has more than 4 million registered horses in its database. Here are three most popular places for Quarter horses in the US. 
Ocala, Florida 
Boasting of more than 1200 horse farms, Ocala qualifies to be one of the horse capitols of the world. Many places in Ocala, especially Marion County, are great for horse breeding and riding even during the winter when temperatures rarely fall below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The city also holds many exciting equestrian events, attracting thousands of Quarter horse enthusiasts. 
Louisville, Kentucky 
Home to the popular Kentucky Derby, Louisville is one of the most popular places for Quarter horses. The Derby, graced by the Queen of England, takes place at the Churchill Downs horse track. This city has also played host to the Breeder’s Cup 8 times at the Churchill Downs spire grandstand. Horse enthusiasts can visit the Kentucky Museum to learn more about Quarter horses after watching the games. 
Middleburg, Virginia 
Middleburg may be a small town but features some pretty big names that have contributed to the popularity of horse riding in the area. They include Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor and the DuPonts: they have been horsing in Middleburg for many years. This diminutive town also plays host to the Upperville Colt and Horse Show, the oldest horse show in the US. The mils temperatures here are also conducive for horse riding. 
Quarter horses have become popular across the US for their versatility, and their numbers continue to grow. 

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