What is Quarter Horse Racing and Why is It Popular?

Horse racing has long been a popular sport in Western Society. However, quarter horse racing is a uniquely American former horse racing. The history of these horses and this form of racing them goes back to the colony of Jamestown. 
Quarter horse racing is not about the size of the horse but the length of the track. This form of horse racing the track is only a quarter of a mile long and the horses are specifically bred with this in mind. It got started because of the difficulty of making a full mile of track horse racing. By reducing the length of the race to a quarter of a mile producing the needed track became easier. Over time, quarter horses were bread more for sprinting than long-distance running. This not only made them better suited for this type of racing but for much-needed farm work as well. 
Quarter horse races became popular because there were few opportunities for sporting events in the New World following the founding of Jamestown. In some cases simply transplanting sporting events from Europe would not be practical because of the lack of infrastructure. In the case of horse racing, the sport was adapted to the situation by reducing the size of the track to a quarter of a mile making a doable in the area around Jamestown. This uniquely American approach to horse racing led to the appropriate horse breeding and increasing the popularity in the sport. 
Quarter horse races are an example of a uniquely American sport developing from its European counterpart. This is more than just a result of the separation of the Atlantic Ocean but the necessity of making it work in America. 

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