What is the AQHA?

The AQHA, or the American Quarter Horse Association, is the world’s largest equine breed registry and membership organization. Based in Amarillo, Texas, the association is dedicated to the preservation, improvement, and recordkeeping of the American Quarter Horse. This organization sanctions competitive events and maintains the official American Quarter Horse registry. They also house the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum, which helps sponsor educational programs in local communities. Founded in 1940, the AQHA currently has over 350,000 members.

The AQHA registry includes both AMerican Quarter Horses and their offspring, which have a separate stud book. Horses produced by means of artificial insemination can be registered, but cloned horses are ineligible. AQHA registration requirements have changed significantly in recent years; previously, horses with too much white, or with cremello traits, were not eligible for registration. However, advancements in modern DNA testing allow the association to determine the exact lineage of a particular American Quarter Horse, eliminating all ambiguous ancestry.

The AQHA also recognizes achievements by American Quarter Horses and their owners. Horses can compete in AQHA-sanctioned horse shows, rodeos, and horse races. The American Quarter Horse can compete in a variety of competitive events, including Western Pleasure, Reining, and cutting, as well as hunt seat style, Hunter Under Saddle, working hunter, and hunter hack. The annual AQHA World Show is the association’s largest event, and it is held each year in Oklahoma City.

If you have an interest in and passion for American Quarter Horses, consider registering with this association; they bring together Quarter Horse enthusiasts for events worldwide. For more information about the AQHA, see the foundation information page on their website.

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